Preserving the Lewis Bay Boathouse

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Our mission is to make competitive sailboat racing and traditional watercraft more accessible.

Won’t you join us?

Our primary goal is to create a classroom by preserving the Lewis Bay Boathouse. This living classroom with it’s convenient access to the water serves as a gateway to Cape Cod’s maritime heritage.

Other ways we plan to deliver on our mission: provide shared boat equipment and event support, assist community groups to access Lewis Bay, and build interest in locally built boats.

Our long-term plan includes a community “Flagship”.  A large “racing” catboat might serve as an ambassador to Cape Cod’s work boat heritage.

As we develop our plans, we anticipate supporting the Sea Scouts, one design sailboat fleets, and other community programs in order to increase participation in sailing and on-the-water education.

Racing and Boating

Check back for updates as our efforts to save the Lewis Bay boathouse.  The boat house was built in the 1950s by members of the Lewis Bay Yacht Club.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”